Sirita Jimmina Sotelo

Feb. 12, 2000 - Jan. 21, 2005


Sirita Sotelo, Pre-School Class Picture



Sirita's Law was signed by Gov. Gregoire May 11, 2007.  Thank you to everyone that helped make this happen.  This has been a very long road.  I am so grateful for everyone that walked it with me.


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This web site is dedicated to my foster daughter, Sirita Sotelo, who was murdered Friday, January 21, 2005.  We were blessed to have Sirita with us Feb. - Nov. 2003, after which we transitioned her to live with her biological father and step mother.  She had lived with them a little over a year.  She would have been 5 in three weeks.  We are of course devastated.

She was a sweet little girl.  She loved music and she loved to dance.  She knew she could always delay bedtime another 5 minutes by asking to see Mars; she could point it out in the southern sky.  I was so proud, because I had taught her that.  She liked clanking our glasses together and drinking root beer floats.  I called her “Boo-Boo.”  She liked it, and sometimes called me “Boo-Boo.”  I said no, you are Boo-Boo, Mommy is Moo-Moo, and I am Ugu-Moo-Goo.  She liked sitting on my shoulders waving the flag while I danced around the house humming “Stars and Stripes Forever.”  She had a beautiful voice and picked up songs very quickly, often after only hearing me sing them once.  She was a real fashion princess – she liked getting dressed up in outfits with her hair done up with hair pretties.  She was smart, she was pretty, she was wonderful and we were lucky to have her in our lives.  If I didn’t believe in God right now and didn’t believe she was in heaven I think I would go crazy.

As you can imagine, I have gone through the gamut of emotions.  The one that sticks out most is ultimately a little selfish.  It’s how much I miss her. 

Fairy Princess


Thank you to everyone that gave us their condolences, support, and prayers.  To everyone that asks if there is anything they can do, the answer is still yes.  We have not yet reached the end, but we have reached a new beginning.  Join the fight for children's rights.

It's too late for my little girl, but there are thousands more children at risk today, just like Sirita.  If the death of my daughter is what it takes to change the law - the price was too high.

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